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Generación de sitios web estáticos con NANOC

Hace tiempo que tenía ganas de probar nanoc en un sitio de verdad y recientemente se ha presentado la oportunidad. He de decir que me ha encantado: se trata de una manera de generar de forma ágil sitios web estáticos, … Continue reading

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Sandi Metz, great post

A great post from Sandi, regarding wrong abstraction when coding: I’ve seen myself in such a situation a lot of times, so time to change things! 🙂

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LibreOffice headless: debugging session (OMG!)

A couple of years ago I decided to try LibreOffice’s “–convert-to” parameter to generate different formats of a document, instead of using the ancient listen-on-port-8100 service and use an external Python script in order to do the dirty job of … Continue reading

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New project published

I have recently published a small project at Bitbucket, called “view_reports”. This small project allows people to connect to a database and get a tiny report of a table from that database. The main key is that uses Yubikey [1] … Continue reading

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