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Ruby code repository at Bitbucket.orgI have recently published a small project at Bitbucket, called “view_reports”. This small project allows people to connect to a database and get a tiny report of a table from that database. The main key is that uses Yubikey [1] [2] for two-factor authentication (a Yubikey and a PIN). Other than that is a very simple application now (and I want to keep it like so). I have used Sequel, Sinatra as main components. Comments are very welcome 🙂

Cheers 🙂

About Ibon

Me encanta salir a darme paseos, patinar, esquiar y jugar a baloncesto (alguna pachanga que otra en Larrabetzu los miércoles).

Creo en los principios que fundamentan el Software Libre, y me parece una gran herramienta para conseguir una sociedad mas justa.

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