Mosh: connect to your servers on roaming networks. Even from N900 (Maemo 5)

MOSH (Mobile Shell for sort) is a great piece of software that allows us to connect to a remote computer. Ok, but where are the great news about this?…well, here it comes: Mosh is able to work even when the connectivity is really bad, as in roaming networks.
This is great for me: from time to time I’m not in my place in the office and I must to take a look to proccesses going on in one or more servers, and it’s very awful to see the connection going down when the bus/underground/train passes over a low coverage place or your provider has no coverage on a limited zone of your city 🙁

Mosh is supported by major Linux distributions, and the only thing you have to do is install it following the suggested steps 🙂 The tricky thing of Mosh is to get it running on your N900 phone: I’m full in love with this hardware, not only because of the features it has, but because of Maemo 5, the ARM Linux flavour it uses as operating system. The great hardware + the amazing OS are the perfect combination for me 🙂 The bad side is that Nokia decided to leave it on one side of the road in benefit of Windows Mobile (oh my…!) 🙁

Well there is people already supporting Maemo5, and Mosh has been ported (hurray!) and can use it. Here are the steps you need to follow to get it running on N900:
1. Download Mosh 1.2.2 for N900 from here (original site) or here (copied from the original site to my hosting just in case original site goes down). File MD5: 7e19656245babb7903d61a6bf78276a3
2. Dowload Perl PTY module from here (original site) or here (copied from the original site to my hosting just in case original site goes down). File MD5: 8caf6b3338f3ea346270ebb17f0f7b55.
3. Install them (yes, dpkg -i blah, blah)
4. Use them and show some love as the happy person you have to be right now 🙂

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Creo en los principios que fundamentan el Software Libre, y me parece una gran herramienta para conseguir una sociedad mas justa.

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