N900 and Ubuntu Natty 11.04 64 bits

N900 photoRecently I’ve discovered that sharing (tethering) 3G connection between my N900 phone and my laptop (Ubuntu Natty 11.04 64bits) didn’t work anymore. Previously it worked with Maverick (Ubuntu 10.10), but because a feature regression, it seems to stop working 🙁

I’ve looking for a solution, and some days ago found this: http://www.paranoids.at/?x=entry:entry110516-233959. The workaround detailed here worked great, but seemed to me not an easy solution for regular users, I decided to create this small Ubuntu script to improve it: N900-natty-tether.tar.gz. Basically what it does is to use udev to run a BASH script when the device (the N900) is detected, so this way the user hasn’t to open any terminal at all (Ubuntu was for Human Beings, wasn’t it?).

For Regular Users

1) Download: N900-natty-tether.tar.gz and extract it.
2) Double click on INSTALL.bash. A terminal will appear asking 
your password. Type it in, and thats it. Every file will be 
located at the right place, and you just must replug the N900 
via USB cable. Then connect as usual.

For Advanced Users

1) Download: N900-natty-tether.tar.gz and extract it.
2) Copy 91-N900-natty-tether.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/.
3) Copy N900-natty-tether.bash to /usr/local/bin/ or to 
another prefered directory. If you don't want to use 
/usr/local/bin/, then you must to customize 
/etc/udev/rules.d/91-N900-natty-tether.rules to point to
 the folder you choose. Ensure that N900-natty-tether.bash 
has execution permission and you are done. Replug your 
N900 and connect as usual via network-manager.

Enjoy 😉

About Ibon

Me encanta salir a darme paseos, patinar, esquiar y jugar a baloncesto (alguna pachanga que otra en Larrabetzu los miércoles).

Creo en los principios que fundamentan el Software Libre, y me parece una gran herramienta para conseguir una sociedad mas justa.

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