At professional level

Personal data
Ibon Castilla Varela
Name: Ibon Castilla Varela
Birth date: January 9, 1974
Phone: 615 76 76 72
Email: ibon at sinanimodelucro dot net

Academic data


  • English: fluent (readen, spoken and written)
  • Euskera: high level (readen, spoken and written)
  • Sign language: fluent

Level of Education: training cycle (higher level), Diploma.
Qualification: Senior Technician at Computer Software Development, Teaching.

Additional Training:

  • LPI certification currently preparing
  • 2007/2008 Web Development with Rails
  • 2006 Postfix mail systems (TLS, LDAP, SpamAssassin, mailgraph)
  • 2004 Managing Systems and Internet services with Debian GNU / Linux
  • 2003 Debian GNU / Linux in network environments


  • Programming Languages: Currently delving into Ruby, Ruby on Rails + Hobo, TDD; C (data management), PHP (web programming interfaces), Perl (CGI sysadmin), Bash.
  • OS: Ubuntu GNU / Linux, Debian GNU / Linux, RedHat Linux Enterprise, SysRescueCD (management tasks).
  • Networking: Knowledge of TCP / IP, ethernet, routing.
  • Linux LAN: WiFi technology with Netfilter and IPTables firewalling. Installation, configuration of servers: web (Apache, Cherokee), E (Postfix, SquirrelMail, CourierIMAP, CourierPOP, QMail and Dovecot), implementation of databases, messaging, installing and configuring various tools in architecture client / server, DNS, NFS and Samba, OpenLDAP, SSH, GnuPG and other services. Extensive experience (deployment of multiple servers) with eBox Platform (currently Zentyal). Experience with digital fax systems (start production in several systems) with Hylafax and web interface (Avantfax).
  • Other: Management of different services, packaging, user management and hardware compilation of various programs excluded from the package manager, compiling the Kernel (2.4.X and 2.6.X series, etc.).

Work Experience

Currently and starting on 2009: Services from for SMCs: Zentyal system based services and Web services with Ruby on Rails and Hobo ( functional analisys of procesess and management applications web development.

  • Systems management on the network of Guadalinex GNU / Linux software distribution.
  • Network reconfiguration at APSBB (local non-profit association): configuration of an Apache web server (on top of Ubuntu Server) for an elearning project, using Claroline LMS, migration to Samba LAN environment from a Windows 2000 Server. Configuring and monitoring the entire process.

I start working as an independent / freelance doing various jobs:

  • Vocento Group (migration to cluster environment upon RHEL 4.0)
  • Appointment management system based on Webcalendar for a local little store at Durango (Basque Country)
  • WiFi Access Point (captive portal) for APSBB (based on Debian)
  • Corporate website for APSBB based on CMSMS
  • Installation of a center with 15 computers and several servers for a company related to DFB (local administration institution).


  • Abartia Team: web interfaces programmer (XHTML and CSS, AJAX). Perl with HTML::template and PHP with Smarty. Projects based on osCommerce, WordPress, CMSMS.


  • Quality Department at Panda Software antivirus: projection testing for GNU / Linux servers on a network with Microsoft Windows clients.
  • Computer technician at AransGi non-profit Association. Systems administration on a distributed network of three centers.


  • Computer technician in the Basque Federation of Deaf people: implementation of the new network configuration of the Federation following a change of location, management and maintenance of the LAN.


  • Computer technician in the Basque Federation of Deaf people: Implementation of Debian GNU / Linux computer as a tool for technicians of the Federation. Implementation of a network based on Debian GNU / Linux. Participation in a workshop as a monitor of employment for the creation of multimedia materials using free software (Debian GNU / Linux), providing training to 10 participants of the Workshop of employment. Support to users.


  • Database Development: Database Project for APSBB (Association of Deaf people in Bilbao) in Access 2000.
  • Database Project for Cubico (Design Studio).
  • Customization of AutoCAD 2000 using VBA as a language for the company DITEC SL Database Project for the End of my formation cycle: development of a fully functional database implemented in Access and SQL.


  • Developing the website Ulertuz Association (Association of Parents / Mothers and friends of deaf children): Analysis of user needs. Design and structuring of information. Implementation.


Driving license: Yes
Vehicle: Yes
Geographical Mobility: Yes
Willing for traveling: Good
Personal assessment: I consider myself a person of great capacity for learning, including self-taught. I am good at empathizing, especially in situations of intense work in teams. Likewise I also consider myself an assertive person and capable of carrying out difficult tasks, since I have a great sense of responsibility. I am enthusiastic in my work and I agree largely on the projects I undertake.

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