Grsync: one tip

If you don’t know it yet, Grsync is a GUI for Rsync, ready to use on Ubuntu. I personally use it to back up my personal files on a external storage.

It is a great tool, but recently I have been dealing with a small syntax trouble, because some folders that I need to avoid during the back up have spaces on the their names. After reading on some sites about the right syntax to avoid these folders, this is the working configuration I get:

  • On the “extra options” tab add the rsync directive “–exclude-from=/home/ibon/.grsync/exclude-list.txt”.
  • On that file especify WITHOUT ESCAPING, the names of folders, for example “My folder with spaces/”.
  • Thats it, enjoy! 🙂

About Ibon

Me encanta salir a darme paseos, patinar, esquiar y jugar a baloncesto (alguna pachanga que otra en Larrabetzu los miércoles). Creo en los principios que fundamentan el Software Libre, y me parece una gran herramienta para conseguir una sociedad mas justa.
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